Tahrir Crowds

Tahrir Crowds
Midan Tahrir, 1 Feb 2011

Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Hell that is Libya

A journalist just back from Libya told me today, "The Arab World will need to repopulate Libya. This generation of men is being wiped out." He said that men between ages 15 to 35 are being pressured into the army. A young man is approached and asked, "Who are you for? Are you with the army (Qaddafi) or with the rebels?" Naturally in that situation, the young man says he supports the army. He may not in fact, but now he's in the army. The officers watch him over time, and if he gives any hint of views critical of Qaddafi, his life isn't worth much.

Will the army split over Qaddaffi? No, the journalist insisted. The soldiers mentality is one of following orders. "Yes, sir. As you say sir. Is this OK, sir? They don't know how to think for themselves."

Will the army support democracy? "They will be the last ones to support democracy," he said. "They only understand following orders. They don't have a clue what democracy means."

There's no such thing as a good war.  Dylan's Masters of War says it well:

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